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Google Snake

Google Snake is a re-imagining of the classic Snake game that came pre-loaded with many popular cellular phones. Play as a simple creature that is only concerned with its own survival. Eat food that appears in random spots on the board by crawling over them – every single piece of food will be added to the length of the snake giving you more points but making it more difficult to maneuver. It’s also important to stay away from the edges of the stage – crashing into walls or into your own tail means instant death.

Google Snake games come in various shapes and sizes – some are included in Google Maps and have special levels with themes that correspond to certain regions and cultures. There is also a doodle version that is pretty close to the original but features crisp colorful graphics and nice sound effects. No matter which version you play, the controls are always the same: use the arrow keys to direct the snake – that’s all there is to know.

Playing snake on Google can be a great way to kill some time and experience a surge of nostalgia. Collect as many apples (or other objects) as you can and grow to an enormous size. Can you cover the whole screen?

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